Global Consumer Report: Current and Future Shopping Trends

Download this report to explore a wide range of consumer behavior trends — everything from data privacy and sustainability to cryptocurrency and shopping on the Metaverse.

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A preview of our findings

What does the future of shopping look like? Here’s a preview of the data you’ll find in this report:

Almost half of consumers are willing to shop on the Metaverse

Discover which generations of consumers are most willing to shop in the Metaverse — and the types of goods they’re interested in buying.

The majority of consumers say sustainability matters

Learn which country’s consumers place the highest value on a brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Consumers have a growing interest in NFTs

Find out which consumers have the best understanding of NFTs along with the types of NFTs they prefer most.

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Gain a better understanding of consumer behavior

BigCommerce surveyed 4,224 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Australia and combined our findings with search trends and data from Google to provide an in-depth analysis of the latest consumer behavior.

Inside the report, you’ll learn about:

  • When, where and what consumers buy online
  • How sustainability and brand values impact loyalty
  • Data consumers are willing to share for personalization
  • Which consumers are most willing to shop in the Metaverse
  • The biggest blockers for paying with crypto
  • How well consumers understand NFTs

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